9th Annual Photo Contest, Vancouver, Canada, 2015

winner image

First Winner

Farhad Varasteh


Desert Architecture
Score: 28 (out of 30)

Jurors Scores Critiques
Wes Bergen 9 Beautiful in its simplicity of colour and composition! Brightening the highlights on the steps, particularly in the middle of the image, would have strengthened the composition.
Allen Bargen 10 Very nicely done. Your image includes great subject texture, and great tonality throughout. While an uncomplicated shot, it has nice attention to detail. You kept the detail in the photo in the entranceway as well.

A minor point, think about completing the bottom step in future photos like this one whenever possible. Or tighten up your crop to remove it to the edge of the second step. And see how that looks to you.
Lynne Kelman 9 Beautiful lines----beautifully lit---good detail overall in the sandstone architecture----well exposed and carefully composed image---
Total Score: 28


CAPA Gold Medal Solo Photography Exhibition at Caroun Art Gallery (Two Weeks), July 2016 CPC Certificate

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