Professional and amateur photographers and who are interested in photography could register for "Caroun Photo Club" (CPC) membership.

CPC is a Canadian National and International Photography Club, based in Vancouver, Canada. CPC is promoting the art and science of Photography throughout the world.

To reach our aim, CPC has made an international relation between photographers all over the world via Internet, Photo Exhibitions, Competitions and a Bulletin, while connecting the members by email. The Annual Membership should be paid by Members on time.


Each member has a gallery on www.CarounPhotoClub.com, including biography, resume, ideas on art and photography, methods of work, 10 works, portrait, email and URL. All the visitors could contact the member straight through his/her email account for any reason.

Each member receives International Photo News (especially on competitions) by email, the only way that CPC contacts members, and could take part in any field of these news by himself/herself.

Articles and photos of the members could be posted up at www.Caroun.com/Research/Photography/00-Research.html after approving by CPC.

Competitions & Exhibitions

a) Competitions & Exhibitions will be announced at www.CarounPhotoClub.com.

b) Works should be selected by the President of CPC for exhibitions and by a Jury for competitions.

c) Taking part in Competitions & Exhibitions is equal to accept the ideas of CPC and Jury; no objection is accepted.

d) The costs of the Competitions & Exhibitions should be paid by all the participants, including printing, framing, invitation card, poster, transfer...

e) The price of photos will be determined by the photographer himself/herself, and it goes as following:
     - Percentage of the Gallery should be paid first.
     - Half of the rest amount will be paid to photographer. Costs of wiring and exchange will be reduced.
     - The costs of the reprinting photo should be paid by the photographer.

f) CPC has the right to publish all the works, sent for Competitions & Exhibitions, in any form as books, magazines, calendars, CD & DVD... and Internet. The Copyright remains for the photographer.

g) Works, which have exhibited before or sent for another competitions worldwide, are not accepted. Members, who sent such works, would be deprived to take part in Competitions & Exhibitions for one year.

h) Just the members, who are in GOOD STANDING, could take part in Competitions & Exhibitions.

i) All the news on the members' exhibitions and complete report of the group exhibitions, including all the photos, would be posted up at www.Caroun.com/News/Exhibitions.html permanently. Individual exhibitions of the members could be posted by request.

j) From 2010, Caroun Photo club is going to have individual and group exhibitions for the members in Canada. life time members and members with longer period membership have Priority.


Our bulletin publishes time to time, while we are trying for a quarterly bilingual bulletin. It contains the articles and works of the members, news, reports of the exhibitions and competitions, interview with active members and famous photographers, introducing 20th century photographers (specially black & white), technical and educational articles...

Each member could send his/her work or a translation of CAPA magazine in his/her native language (permission of the editor is needed!). As CPC approves it, it will be published.

Each member receives a copy of the bulletin by mail for free; more copies could be ordered.

The bulletins will be posted up at www.Caroun.com/Research/Photography/00-Research.html for permanent.

We are under the International Copyright Law.

Members & Membership

Photographic info, news and all our facilities will be announced by email. Each member could be active in his/her interested field himself/herself; we can just guide!

We hope all the members send the local and international news to be announced the whole body of CPC.

The membership fees do not cover our costs; so, we invite our members and other people to donate to have better service for all the members.

Each member could be a volunteer to support a part of our activity; waiting for your contacts (Subject: Volunteer)!

CPC has a continuous membership. Members, who pay their membership for renewal on time, are in GOOD STANDING!

3-year continuous members, who have taken part in our 3 competitions and are in GOOD STANDING, could register for a group exhibition in Canada; All the costs should be paid in advance.

The following members are not in GOOD STANDING, and could not take part in Competitions & Exhibitions and all other activities for one year:

a) Members whose dues remain unpaid 30 days after due date. (as renewal membership fee; after 31 days, the member would be removed from our database, and if he/she register again, he/she will be considered as a new member, and there is an extra charge to reinstall his/her files.) Membership fee is not refundable.

b) All the costs of Competitions & Exhibitions should be paid in advance. Members, who do not pay or pay late these costs.

c) Members, who send photos, which are exhibited before or sent for other competitions.

d) Members, who have personal or illegal use of the CPC's facilities, or ruining it.

e) Members, who do not obey International Copyright Law.

f) Members, who have any activity in contrary with CPC, CAPA, PSA and International Photographic Laws and Customs.

This HANDBOOK changes time to time without any notice; please visit for changes!