Caroun Photo Club (CPC) was established on 2005 in Vancouver, Canada, after a six-year period of international and internet activities.

The main aims of CPC are: international relation among photographers, promotion of good photography as an art, providing useful information and news through evaluation of photographs, and running competitions & exhibitions.

Everyone, all over the world, can register for the membership of Caroun Photo Club. Amateur and professional photographers, and those who are interested in photography are welcome.

Membership Fee for Individuals:

- Annual Membership fee, Canada: $55+5% GST
- Life time membership: $1000+5% GST

  It should be paid cash or wired by Western Union to the name of director of the Club!

Please click here if you're going to register on web, and fill out the Membership Application online, or print the Pdf file of the membership application for CPC and fill it out.

Mail your application to the following address, with membership fee:

PO Box 63630
RPO Capilano
North Vancouver, BC
Canada, V7P 1S0

Membership Fee for Groups, Clubs & Associations:

$100+5% GST
And it could be paid as mentioned above.