9th Annual Photography Salon, Vancouver, Canada, 2015

9th Annual Photo Contest, Canada 2015: Announcement

9th Annual Photo Contest 2015 was judged by 4 CAPA Jurors:
You can visit the critics by the jurors under the photos.
Allen P. Bargen, Canada
Richmond Photo Club
Wes Bergen, Canada
Lions Gate Camera Club
Lynne R. Kelman, Canada Crescent Beach Camera Club Ismail Farahani, Canada
Lions Gate Camera Club

Chair of the Photo Contest

Masoud Soheili, Canada
CPC President

Winners  (3 Photographers, 3 Photos)

Selected Works (8 Photographers, 10 Photos)

Other Photos

Invitation Cards of the Exhibition

Photos were exhibited at CPC Annual Photography Exhibition: December 16-29, 2015 at Caroun Art Gallery, Vancouver, Canada.
Photos of the Opening Reception were taken by Leyla Mohammadi and Saeid Momany.

Report of the Competition, with the photos of the Winners & Selected Photos is published in "Farhang BC Magazine" in Vancouver, Canada.



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