Second Annual Photography Exhibition, Tehran, 2007
  Caroun Photo Club (CPC)

"Caroun Photo Club" is going to hold the "Second Annual Photography Group Exhibition", this year in Tehran too. Next...
All the members of the "Canadian Association for Photographic Art" (CAPA) and "Caroun Photo Club" (CPC), could take part in the Photography Competition:
Subject: Free
Slide, Negative or Digital (Color) could take part.
Each member could send maximum 4 photos; among them, one
may be chosen or not.
A Jury (3 Iranian Professional Photographers) will select the photos.
The list of the 3 members of the jury will be announced.
Each photo will have a code, and jury selects photo without knowing the photographer.

Each member should send the following documents:
- Two 13x18 to 18x18 cm prints of each photo. Please write down your membership number of CPC/CAPA at the back of your photos; no name, no... Nothing more please!
- A CD containing TIFF, 300 dpi, CMYK files of the photos, 50x70 cm, including 3.5 cm white frame around. Please adjust the color, brightness and contrast of your works.
- A copy of your membership cards of CPC/CAPA on A4 paper; please write down your email there.
Application form should be filled out for each photo separately. Please put numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 on the top of the forms and back of the photos.

Photos should be mailed to:
Masoud Soheili, PO Box 15875-6655, Tehran, Iran

All the works should be in Tehran before August 16 (Mordad 25). Works received after August 16, could not participate in the competition.
Do not send the photos, which are exhibited before, or have taken part in other competitions.
All the works, which have not the determined specifications, will be canceled.

No material will be returned. All the CD and printed works remain in Tehran file.
Jury will select photos before August 21, 2007.
The selected works will be announced on August 22, 2007.

Caroun Photo Club has the right to publish all the photos on Internet or publish them as a calendar, book...

*The First Three Works (Winners), due to the idea of the Jury, achieve:
- "
CAPA Medal", gold, silver and bronze,
- "
CPC Certificate",
- one year subscription of "
Profession: Artist" magazine,
- a complete series of published "
Creative Photography Magazine" (10 issues),
- a complete series of published "
Image of the Year" (5 issues),
- Photography books of Iranian Photographers...

* The Ten Selected works achieve:
- "
CPC Honor Mention",
- Photography books of Iranian Photographers...

The Winners and Selected Works, with a report, will be published in the magazine of the Canadian Association for Photographic Art, "
Canadian Camera".
A Permanent digital Exhibition of these works will be shown in this website.

If we can find sponsor, some 100 works, including Winners and Selected works, as well as 87 best works will be exhibited in Tehran. We are trying to publish a book of these 100 photos. The rules will be the same as previous year.

You can send your works
If you are not a member of the "
Canadian Association for Photographic Art" and "Caroun Photo Club", you could Register NOW and take part in the Exhibition!

Photography books and magazines are gifted by:
Afshin Shahroodi / Maryam Zandi / Raffi Avanesian / Shahriar Tavakoli

We will have changes untill August 16: Some prizes will be added… Please check the website for NEWS:



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Second Annual Photography Competition, Tehran, Summer 2007

 Caroun Photo Club (CPC)

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