CPC Members' Exhibitions
CAPA Pacific Zone Challenge 2019
Coquitlam, BC, Canada
February 23, 2019


The Photo Contest was held among the Western Canadian Photo Clubs. 14 clubs have participated (141 photos). 11 club has sent 10 photos by 10 members; the others 7, 6 and 4. Photos were judged by 3 CAPA Jurors (max Score: 30):
- Ismail Farahani, Darkroom Group
- Lynne Kelman, Crescent Beach Camera Club
- Ruby Jaggernath, Abbotsford Photo Arts Club

An Exhibition of the works were held at the same day at Gymnasium of Eagle Ridge Bible Fellowship, 1160 Lansdowne Drive, Coquitlam. 75 attended this event.

Works by the members of Caroun Photo Club:
- Kaveh Rasouli: "Mat", Score: 23
- Masoud Soheili: "Ladies' Sale", Score 20
- Nafiseh Saadati: "From Bad to Worse", Score 22.5
- Zohreh Hamraz: "Voyager", Score 21.5

- Urs Fricker: "Hamer Tribe Girl", GOLD MEDAL, Chung Ai Photo Society
- Bob Hansen: "Light Maker", SILVER MEDAL, Burnaby Photo Society
- Suzanne Huot: "The Gift", Score 34.5, BRONZE MEDAL, Victoria Camera Club

Selected Works (Honourable Mentions):
- René Watteel: "Ballerina Kaitlin", Score 25.5, Lions Gate Camera Club
- Claudia Schwab: "Northern River", Score 25.5, Lions Gate Camera Club
- Simon Choi: "Korean Traditional Folk Singer", Score 25.5, Lions Gate Camera Club
- Pamela Joe McFarlane: "Freedom", Score 25.5, West Van Seniors Photo Club
- Betty Johnston: "GPS Mandatory", Score 25.5, Abbotsford Photo Arts Club
- Carolyn Sullivan: "Spring Dance", Score 25, Burnaby Photo Society
- Stella Wong: "Sword Dance", Score 25, Chung Ai Photo Society

To visit the photos of the winners and selected works, check
CAPA website.

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