Selected Works

9th Annual Photo Contest, Vancouver, Canada, 2015

Farhad Varasteh

First Selected Work

Title: Desert Man

Jurors Scores Critiques
Wes Bergen 9 A delightful portrait of an interesting man with a pleasing expression. Great detail in his hair and beard. The background is nicely out of focus, and its colour does not detract from the man’s face. Brightening the man’s eyes would improve the image.
Allen Bargen 9 This is a dramatic portrait with excellent competency in the technical details. The image is sharp, with an excellent background that complements the image.

There is a small reflection in the man’s left eye, and while we cannot make a direct connection to him, we do get a sense of contact. Bringing up the illumination a little in the eyes would make this a much stronger image.

To further improve the overall impact, in post processing tone down, or remove the large dark arc in the background, that distracts us from the main subject.
Lynne Kelman 9 Beautiful detail in the subject’s face----such expression in the face---background softly out of focus, good use of depth of field----a well presented image---
Total Score: 27

Iraj Roshani

Second Selected Work

Title: Not So Far

Jurors Scores Critiques
Wes Bergen 9 Very well composed, nice colour and details.
Allen Bargen 8 These rusting vehicles provide endless opportunities for us. The challenge is to find the complexity in them that engages the viewer in a new way. We are offered some examples of this here, the missing D in the vehicle name for example momentarily tests our knowledge of truck makers.

We might wonder how the headlight has managed to avoid the acts of vandals intent on inflicting destruction. The colours are well handled and the image is sharp.
Lynne Kelman 8 The title does not really tell us what the story is----but---beautiful detail and clarity in the old car---well composed----lovely rich tones---if you have the D of Dodge in your original maybe include it.
Total Score: 25

Sahar Seyedi

Third Selected Work

Title: Parked Bicycle

Jurors Scores Critiques
Wes Bergen 8 Excellent colour and texture, in spite of flat lighting. The box and conduits leading to it are rather unattractive, but they definitely help the composition and balance in the image.
Allen Bargen 9 Sometimes simplicity is a good thing. When you find an image like this, time is on your side, so prep the scene for the shot.

Remove the white object behind the back wheel. Yes it is small, but it is also the brightest object in the image, drawing us down here.

Otherwise, you’ve done a fine job with this one.
Lynne Kelman 7 Beautiful detail over all---particularly in the wall---lovely pops of colour---one wonders if the pipe and unattractive taped electric box are necessary??? Maybe crop tighter or remove them both--- and one step back would have allowed for the entire kickstand to be in the image----important---
Total Score: 24

Bahman Doustdar

4th Selected Work

Title: Icy Abstract

Jurors Scores Critiques
Wes Bergen 9 Excellent lighting, detail and textures, with subtle shades of blues and greys. Some of the highlights near the bottom appear to be a bit hot.
Allen Bargen 7 Abstract-like, this image of ice is technically well handled. Good exposure and good framing. Suggested as an abstract it does not hold our attention significantly.
Lynne Kelman 8 Again---beautiful tonality in the ice---well exposed, good eye for pattern----detail even in the shadows----well presented.
Total Score: 24

Zohreh Hamraz

5th Selected Work

Title: Juxtaposition

Jurors Scores Critiques
Wes Bergen 8 Vibrant colours throughout, with a reasonably pleasing distribution of shapes. The distorted reflections add interest.
Allen Bargen 8 Finding this scene surely was exciting. The dramatic distortion is curious and delivers an invitation to explore the image. The only drawback is the dark shadowed building on the left. Aside from that observation, this is a very nice image.
Lynne Kelman 8 A good title for reflections downtown of the city skyscrapers---rich colours---good exposure---well seen and captured----
Total Score: 24

Darianaz Gharibani

6th Selected Work

Title: What His Eyes Tell

Jurors Scores Critiques
Wes Bergen 8 Good exposure, lighting and composition. I’m having trouble reading what his eyes are telling me, as I don’t see much expression in his face. The metal rack behind the door is a bit distracting – perhaps it could have been darkened.
Allen Bargen 8 This portrait is sharp and correctly exposed. The man seems to be distracted, and is not connected with the photographer, although he may well has been directed to look away.

We can see both eyes and there appears to be a reflection in both. The right eye is a bit dark; lighten that up in post to give us a better look at the detail there.

Although not a major issue, having the door intersect the man’s head should be avoided, as we feel uncomfortable in these situations.
Lynne Kelman 7 A lovely soft image of perhaps a family member---one thinks that this image would mean more to the photographer than the general viewer---but---lots of detail and grace.
Total Score: 23

Saeid Momany

7th Selected Work

Title: Dance of Branches

Jurors Scores Critiques
Wes Bergen 8 Well seen, creative image, Striking colour. The tangled mass of branches speaks for itself without a centre of interest.
Allen Bargen 7 This image has an abstract feel to it. Framing it as you did keep us in the image, while we examine the trees. The sun offers a reddish colour to them as it hits the atmosphere
Lynne Kelman 8 Creative and stark---almost an abstract—certainly a dance and so the title is well suited----
Total Score: 23

Bahman Doustdar

8th Selected Work

Title: Glacier Pattern

Jurors Scores Critiques
Wes Bergen 8 Excellent lighting and textures. Although there is no well-defined centre of interest, the crevices in the ice are arranged in a pleasing diagonal alignment. The image is somewhat unbalanced, because the lower left is so much darker than the upper right.
Allen Bargen 7 Nature provides us with incredible Photographic opportunities like this. Exposure is well handled, the image is sharp and highlights are evident throughout.
Lynne Kelman 8 Beautiful tones, depth and clarity in the ice. Well exposed----well captured---
Total Score: 23

Iraj Roshani

9th Selected Work

Title: Spiral Stairs

Jurors Scores Critiques
Wes Bergen 9 Excellent composition, good lighting and colour. It’s unfortunate that a bit of the curve was cut off on the left side.
Allen Bargen 7 A great scene. The complex staircase delivers a punch of geometry and dimension. The image is disturbed by the soft areas at top that disconnects the symmetry of this otherwise excellent image.
Lynne Kelman 6 Good composition---exposure handled fairly well----there is a little detail lost at the base of the stairway in the highlights----maybe bracketing on a subject like this would give a more even exposure.
Total Score: 22

Kaveh Rasouli

10th Selected Work

Title: Kaleidoscope

Jurors Scores Critiques
Wes Bergen 8 Perfectly symmetrical radial composition works quite well in this image. Details are sharp, with a limited and pleasing palette of colours.
Allen Bargen 8 Presumably the origin of this image was a photograph, the complexity of design and the colours combine to make this a striking image.
Lynne Kelman 6 Lovely abstract---rich colours----the edges give away the fact that this is a photo shop technique---nothing wrong with that---well worked
Total Score: 22

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