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North Shore Photographic Challenge 2015




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North Shore Photographic Challenge was judged at Key Meek Centre for the Performing Arts at West Vancouver on Saturday March 7, 2015. It was open to public to attend the judgment. 

162 photos by BC photo clubs and individual photographers from BC & Yukon have taken part in this photo challenge; each club had 6 photos by 6 members.

Works were judged by tree CAPA Jurors, and the result was mailed to photo clubs. The detailed results will be announced on North Shore Photographic Society in next month.

Unfortunately, Caroun Photo Club (CPC) had no winner in 2015. 

Caroun Photo Club (CPC) had the following works at the competition:

- "Blue Moon", by Elaine Hunter, Score 21
- "Afghan Bakery", by Hadi Wahidi, Score 20
- "Colorful Darkness", by Nafiseh Tabari, Score 20
- "Aboriginal Day", by Bahman Doustdar, Score 18
- "Golden Motion", by Zohreh Hamraz, Score 17
- "Nightlong Rainbow", by Masoud Soheili, Score 16

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