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CAPA Pacific Zone (PZ) 2015 Print Challenge




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CAPA Pacific Zone (PZ) 2014 Print Challenge was judged at Gymnasium of Eagle Ridge Bible Fellowship, 1160 Lansdowne Drive, Coquitlam, BC, on February 21, 2015. It was open to public to attend the judgment. The Darkroom was the host of the photo contest and has exhibited some of his members' works at the judgment.

Rick Shapka, President of CAPA, had a short speech, announcing the EXPO 2015; he has invited the interested people to register and take part at this event on August 1-3, 2015.

130 photos by 13 BC photo clubs have taken part in this photo challenge; each club had 10 photos by 10 members. Photos were on show at the same day at Coquitlam.

Works were judged by:
Betty Andres, Michael Easton & Wes Bergen
Each juror could give 1 to 10 points to each photo; total max 30

Caroun Photo Club (CPC) had the following works at the competition:

- "Abstract Bottles", by Khosro Khodabagi, Score 24.5
- "Old in Pink", by Nafiseh Tabari, Score 22
- "Flaming Moon", by Elaine Hunter, Score 22
- "Dancing Shade", by Farhad Varasteh, Score 22
- "Gender Equality", by Hadi Wahidi, Score 22
- "Forgotten", by Elaheh Rajabi, Score 21
- "Christmas Lighting", by Kaveh Rasouli, Score 21
- "In Trees Protection", by Mina Iranpour, Score 20
- "Shade of Coca", by Sahar Seyedi, Score 19.5
- "Brave Soul", by Zohreh Hamraz, Score 18

here to visit the judgment photos as well as 10 CPC works!



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