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North Shore Art Crawl


North Shore, Vancouver, BC, Canada

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North Shore Art Crawl 2016
This festival is held at North Vancouver since 2011 and Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Textile, Jewelry, Pottery, Ceramic, Metal and wooden works… were exhibited. Caroun Art Gallery participated in Crawl and exhibited Calligraphy, Illumination, Painting, Photography... works since 2011.

Caroun Art Gallery (CAG) accepts works for Carwl 2016, which will be exhibited on March 5-6, 2015.
Due to the limited space of the gallery, priority is for the works we receive sooner.

All kinds of art are accepted.
Size: max 90x90 cm or 100x80 cm
Works should be ready to hang, with a wire at the back.
Except CANVAS, all the works should be framed.
Each artist could send just ONE work!

Artist need to send some of their works (max 10) by email, along with their resume and bio, to be selected and approved:
Crawl at Caroun dot com
The approved work should be mailed to the mailing address of the gallery:
Masoud Soheili
PO Box 37514
RPO Lonsdale East
North Vancouver, BC
Canada, V7M 3L7
The gallery form needs to be filled out and signed; it could be send by mail or email. It is available on website at

This Festival is open to public!
Priority is for the artists, who have taken part in an exhibition at the gallery.
Gallery fee: $50
Mailing cost for sending & returning will be paid by the artist.
Artists, who are interested to be listed on the Crawl’s Brochure need to pay an extra $55.

Works should be approved, paid & mailed before January 9, 2016.
All entries must be safely packaged and must be received by the Caroun Art Gallery on or before, January 31, 2016.
Works and documents should be well packed and sent as mentioned above, otherwise will not be exhibited and the fee will not be returned.
All the works will be exhibited in a virtual gallery on CAG website & facebook.

East Vancouver Crawl: http://nsartcrawl.ca/






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