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Dining Cloth
Sofreh                                                               Sofreh of:
Afshar of Kerman
Different Kinds Afshar of Khorasan
Ardi Sofreh Baluch
Dining Sofreh Baluch
Particularities Lor of Bakhtiari
North-west Kurd
Qashqai and Khamseh
Pictures: Ardi Sofreh Pictures: Dining Sofreh
Afshar of Khorasan( in Varamin): 110x110
                                    cm, 19th century
Afshar of Khorasan (Dareh Gaz):
Afshar of Sirjan: 124x109 cm, 19th century                                  260x78 cm, 19th century
Afshar of Sirjan: 98x95 cm, 19th century Baluch of Khorasan (Khof Janbeigi):
Afshar of Sirjan: 146x136 cm, 20th century                                  163x63 cm, 19th century
Afshar of Sirjan: 133x136 cm, 19th century Kurd of Ghuchan:
Afshar of Sirjan: 117x117 cm, 19th century 125x82 cm, 7th century AD; Inscription: Zari 
Baluch of Khorasan (Salarkhani):
                       125x116 cm, 19th century
Lor of Bakhtiari: 134x117 cm, 20th century
Zarand: 92x66 cm, 20th century
Bread and Salt ; Sofreh ; Namakdan
Kilim ; Rug ; Jajim ; Gabbeh
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