Woven: Iran


Dining Cloth
Sofreh: North-west Kurd

A few Kurdish sofreh, woven in the West of Iran, simply is compensated by North-west woven Kurd of Northern Khorasan, still weave sofreh so far, and use their woven in everyday life of themselves. These sofreh are usually rectangular, mostly small or medium, some long and narrow.

Square sofreh is not woven in this region.

Its design and combination turns around only a few patterns. Ground or at least, the image and color is soil-like and is woven of camel wool. Around this plain ground, designed or plain margin is added.

Sometimes, there is some pile weaving over the middle image and margin in Kurdish sofreh (This method is also applied in Baluch ones.). Image of Khorasan Kurdish sofreh is also different.

A combination of uniform kilim and weft weaving or weft wrapped or relief flower with supplementary weft is used in This kind of Kurdish sofreh.

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