Woven: Iran


Dining Cloth
Sofreh: Baluch

Baluch of Khorasan have an important share in sofreh weaving. They have woven many Ardi sofrehs, as well as dining sofreh. The former type, like other tribes weaving, is square with 1x1 sq. m. dimension, but their dining sofreh are woven in much divergent sizes, some very small and some are medium size. No long sofreh is found in their works.

Most of Baluch sofreh are flat weave. In some of these sofrehs, other weaving methods, such as weft wrapped is used.

Some parts, like margin and some of middle motives, are pile woven and the latter group is much interesting. Ground of Baluch sofreh is soil-colored, woven of camel wool with fine and ornamented margin.

Effect of adjacent Baluch of Khorasan, like Kurd and Afshar in sofreh weaving of this tribe is obvious.
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