Woven: Iran


Dining Cloth
Sofreh: Afshar of Kerman

Their Sofrehs, like their Namakdans, have much variety owing to the special position of Kerman and its various tribes.

Notwithstanding the variety in design, color and manner of weaving, sofrehs of Afshar have rectangular feature and are Ardi type.

No long dining sofreh has been obtained from Afshar.

In their sofreh, coloring is very interesting. Bright happy colors of their sofrehs may not be found in any other region.

Structure of sofreh of Afshar is very divergent, having a combination of various weaving, like uniform kilim, double interlock and weft wrapping.

Two sides of these sofrehs, according their own style, is vertically weft wrapped by two antonym colors, like two pillars (interlocked-chain). In above and below, a few wales of kilim weaving in two antonym colors or some wales of normal weaving or tablet weft of two antonym colors could be seen.  

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