Selected Works

12th Annual Photo Contest, Vancouver, Canada, 2018

Leyla Mohammadi

Second Selected Work

Title: Aperture

Jurors Scores Critiques
Ismail Farahani 6 The geometric shape is poorly presented. The subject could be placed in a more pleasing spot, without being cut off. Be careful about lighting and light leakage. Choose a different title.
Carol How 5 Interesting subject with unusual and tilted placement in the frame. The Placement creates visual tension. The red/brown background and the little hump at the bottom do not enhance this image, and give an impression that this not a well planned image, or that it was taken in a constraining environment where control by the maker was not possible.
Henry Schnell 8 Interesting shape well placed. Background color compliments the shape. Implied horizon not straight with top of shape not parallel to photo edge, making shape almost feel like it is tumbling.
Total Score: 19

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