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This basic image is in the shape of simple or communicating lozenge with eight “Morghak”, which might be only at its corner or on its sides.  

A basic image in the shape of an eight-leaved flower each leaf is a long triangle, which its corner is at the flower’s center.  

Fishak-e-Gul (Snake’s Fang, Hand or Scissors)
Margin’s basic image formed by the repetition of a sample or broken band in two different colors.  

Five-short branches (Panj Shakhlaki)
This basic image is characterized by a little Square with slightly extended sides and two short lines projecting the middle point of two opposite side.  

1-    Basic image in the shape of designed or dotted little lozenge.

2-    Margin, which is a type of lozenge margin, with lozenge flower.

3-    Pattern with Floret, as its main basic image. Floret shapes are repeated obliquely with distances, as long as their width and length, and there is a star in every space. Main margins have Chain, Parreh-Jolaki, Lozenge-Star images and secondary margins have wavy, Karchok and Morghak images. Color of ground is usually dark and basic images are dyed in Gaz-flower, white and brown. This pattern is mostly used in Jal bag and other small weavings, rather than rug.  

Four-short branches
1-    Square shape basic image or margin with slightly extended sides.

2-    An alternately repetition of a vertical squares and a “Four-short branches” as margin.

Full Flower
Main margins with geometrical designs as main images.


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