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Carpet of Qashqai Tribe
Weaver Tribes and Branches

Kashkuli clan
Kashkuli clan is the most important carpet weaver of Qashqai and the small branch of "Bulu" or "Buli" (called as Chaghal) is affiliated to this branch. These sixty groups used to weave the most excellent carpets of Qashqai, until about half a century ago. Less than one tenth of Qashqai hand woven belongs to Kashkuli. The other weaving of great Kashkuli, also weaving of little Kashkuli, are called as "Absolute Kashkuli".

SheshBoluki clan
SheshBoluki clan is the greatest sect of carpet weaver in Qashqai, in which eight sects out of twenty-five sects are weaving carpet. The most famous are Heybatlu, Arabchupanlu, Kuhi and Doghezlu. Other hand woven of this clan could not be divided under a special name and is called as "Absolute SheshBoluki". The most numerous hand-woven of Qashqai, nearly two fifth, are made by this clan.

Amaleh clan
Native rugs of this clan, called as “Hashemkhani”, have the same voguish design of Buli (Kashkuli), but with less finesse. Kilim and Gabbeh, woven by "Ardkapan" branch of this clan is very famous.

Safikhani clan
Probably migrated from Lorestan, have lost their identity for a while and their hand woven could not be distinguished. Summer residence of Safikhani is on the boundary of Charnahieh and their winter residence is about Farashband.

Rahimlu clan
Rahimlu clan, which has no tribal independence, but is amortized in Safikhani tribe. Their summer residence is in boundary of Sheshnahieh and their winter residence is around Khormoj.

Igdar tribe
Their carpets were woven mostly for Khan (chief of tribe). Those were very excellent and very rare.

Chagani clan
Chagani consists of two sects, but has no tribe independence and turned into a branch of Amaleh tribe, travelling with them in summer or winter.

Darchshuri clan
Darehshuri weave mostly gabbeh and kilim. Its summer residence is in Sheshnahieh and Padena, its winter residence in Mahur Milani.

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