Carpet: Iran

Carpet of Qashqai Tribe
Special Designs

This type of Qashqai carpet has some images and designs, innovated in old or nearly times by Qashqai weavers, specially Kashkuli and each one, move or less are woven over one plan and one pattern, but none of them is made over voguish, current design repeatedly or in various kinds.

One of the most wanted designs, which is woven currently without a basic change, is “Vazir- Makhsus” (special Minister), repeatedly prepared and so far is prevalent without any alternation, unless its coloring.

In other way, one could separate some other designs, considering unity of subject, repeat and uniform of its intra-source. The best instance is carpet and gabbeh named “Shiri” (Lion), having only one unique intra-source of Lion, but is woven at various manners and very different styles.

Qashqai Rug
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