Carpet: Iran

Carpet of Qashqai Tribe
"In and Out Fish" Image

This design called also as “Heart”, is one of the most voguish designs of Iranian carpets, prevalence since last years of Safavid era and mostly was circulated in cities and villages of Khorasan, Azerbaijan, Kurdistan and Farahan and is woven at various forms.

Original image of this design is four motives petal-like and fish-figured, is woven in four sides of a lozenge motif, decorated with flower and paddles of a carrousel, as it is called, regularly and symmetrically. Throughout design of In and out fish appears by repeat of the main image and by their connection.

Usually, in above and below of each carrousel, a mannered motif of Morning glory of Fan palm stands. Kashkuli and most of all Bulu or Boli tribes utilize fish image more than other tribes of Qashqai, besides, Kuhi tribe, a sect of Sheshboluki weave this image in simpler way, but more than other Qashqai sects.

Weavers of Igder, Rahimlu, and Arabchupanlu also have benefited from “In and out fish” design scattered and as on and off.

Above-mentioned design is the most urban image of Qashqai carpet, in which reasonable design, geometric order and mathematical balance are evident.

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