Carpet: Iran

Carpet of Qashqai Tribe
Nazim Image

This image is woven since two centuries permanently by weavers of Kashkuli tribe.

Technical manner of weaving is based upon skeleton and yarn warp and weft (sometime in silk). Whereas original carpets of Qashqai and woven of other regions of Fars is basically all-wool, even in exceptional instances, when a combination of yarn and silk is applied for weaving a very tiny rug, only weft is woven according that exception.

Image of Nazim is a design, which needs a very accurate plan and designing. Hand woven of Qashqai like other tribes and clans is a product of imaginary weaving, but this design of Nazim is the only design which needs pattern and model, for most of carpet weavers. Whereas the plan of carpet has no checker design, therefore weavers just look over a woven rug and copy its images.

Designing a Nazim image must be accomplished by consideration of accurate relativity and symmetrical principles, especially size and dimensions of similar repeated motives is monotonous all over the carpet. There are some components and elements in Nazim design, which is known to experts as origin of India, such as tree branch flowers and notched arc. Continuation of this special image, with all of its elements and particulars in Kashkuli tribe and vanishing of similar images in carpet weaving of other regions, should not appear this illusion that Nazim is an original image of Qashqai. Qashqai and Kashkuli, contrary to Turkmen and Baluch or other tribes of Fars, have no persistence or prejudice to keep up their traditional design, but they are very broad-minded to absorb weaving manners of other regions. Design they adapt was not an imitation, but they made some alterations according their taste, through coloring and new innovations.

In addition to design-sources adapted from other tribes and Fars province villages, we may observe some motives of Kurdistan, Farahan, jushaghan and Kashan in Kashkuli carpets. Images woven skillfully along with creation and elegance so quire, that could not be distinguished at first glance as a Qashqai carpet.

If Nazim design was limited to a vase design and a few branches of flower, one could accept it as an adaptation from Yazd, while on the contrary Nazim is much complicated and more perfect, having a balance and equilibrium, leaned upon invisible center of gravity of the entire design.

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