Carpet: Iran

Carpet of Qashqai Tribe
Hand-woven Works of Qashqai Tribes

Qashqai carpet is a matchless carpet. Beauty of images and designs, finesse of knots, durability of colors and most of all, mysterious and dream-raiser air of weaving, made handicrafts of this tribe a pride of traditional arts.

Qashqai's hand-woven are an important cultural phenomena, exhibiting the art and industry of this great tribe and Qashqai weavers, as admitted by experts, have been distinguished masters of Iran and the world. Their dream-like designing, finesse of weaving and dyeing of skilful women have gained fame and honor for Qashqai.

Carpet weaving of Qashqai tribe with 600 years of precedence has protected its special motives and designs and have melted it with non-traditional styles; though they have made some innovations, but within 100 of years has reserved their original images. In fact tribal combination with adjacent clans resulted absorption of culture and art of neighboring clans and is going-on at present time. They use some non-native designs in some instances in weaving fine and attractive rugs.

Some of the original and traditional designs of Qashqai tribe, remained untouched, resembling to designs of Caucus and Asia Minor; for example weaving of Shakarlu branch which designs are extracted from Khalaj, Kurd and Lor, such as Yelmeh and Joshaghani and some are adapted from their residence original textures, Fars.

The way of tribal life was suitable for advancement of carpet weaving and other hand woven, since the far away past, because carpets were strong and coarse, easy to transport and had not much expense to produce and very suitable for wondering tribes; also raw material was in access and native people had enough skill for weaving. It was one of the limited materials for making anything need for life.

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