Carpet: Iran

Carpet of Qashqai Tribe
Ashkali Designs: Names and Pictures

Chariot of Sun
1- Bicolor Chariot of Sun
2- Uni-color Chariot of Sun with eight equal arms
3- Baharlu Chariot of Sun

Sassanid Badge

1- Sassanid Badge
2- Sassanid Badgeoid

Eight Petalled Flower
1- Sassanid Eight Petalled basic image
2- Pazirik Rug Eight Petalled motif
3- Parthian Eight Petalled basic image
4- Islamic Period Eight Petalled basic image
5- Eight Petalled Flower

Bird and Tree
1- Sassanid Bird and Tree
2- Image of two birds at two sides of the life tree
3- Baharlu style basic image Bird and Tree
4- Arab style basic image Bird and Tree

Morning Glory (fan-like Palm)
1- Sassanid style Morning Glory
2- Shakarlu style Morning Glory
3- Lor-Bolordi style Morning Glory
4- Bolordi style Morning Glory
5- Lor Morning Glories and Hayat Davoudi
6- In and Out Fish design Morning Glory

Checkered Flower
1- Plain Checkered Flower
2- Step Checkered Flower
3- Mohri Checkered Flower

Prickly Flower
Khorasan Image
Turkmen Eagle Claw
Turkmen Flower Eagle Claw style


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