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Carpet of Qashqai Tribe
Ashkali Designs

The oldest and most untouched style of designing Qashqai carpet weaving and other tribes of Fars villages is “Ashkali” or “Variant”. This design is a combination of features, motives and source features, contrary to herbage and flower, have no direct and clear connection with each other and they are not connected like other designs such as “In and out fish” design, Nazim, Stripped and Arabesque.

The main particulars of Ashkali are geometric motives, non-symmetrical featuring, irregular designing and imaginary weaving.

Weavers of Ashkali in Qashqai tribe are in 3 groups:

First, those who only perform Ashkali style and noting else, except for some special instances. These weavers consist of Shakarlu, Arabchupanlu, and Heybatlu sects.

Second weavers, who usually follow irregular Ashkali method and sometime follow semi-geometric regular designs, along with floral designs, like Rahimlu, Sheshboluki, Safikhani, semi Qashqais and Lor of Khangasht village.

Third group includes weavers, who scarcely utilize Ashkali designs or just for fun; Igdar and Chagani sects include this group.

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