Carpet: Iran

Carpet of Qashqai Tribe
Feature and Featuring of Carpet

The most important part of carpet weaving is feature designing of carpet, causes the beauty and attractiveness of carpet.

This featuring consists of a collection of motives, woven in ground or margin of carpet and consists of the following parts.

1- Margin: Some designs at parallel lines and various dimensions encircling the carpet like a frame. Charming margins of Qashqai carpets are a combination of tiny or gross motives, that each clan has created during the ages according its taste and talent.

2- Corner: Triangle designs, set at the corners of carpet, at four sides of the middle medallion or lozenge. Motives of corners are usually symmetric to each other, woven around the small medallion in various colors.

3- Ground: Ground is the main part of the carpet. It is like a lozenge pool or multisided design, in crimson or dark blue, scarcely in green or yellow. In some instances, ground is filled without medallion and only with repetitive motives.

4- Medallion: Medallion is the main image of the carpet, woven in one to three or more on the ground.

Medallion has various features. The difference is in feature, number of arms and interior design-source, depending on various clans. The most famous medallion is the design of Arab-Chupanlu medallion.

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