Carpet: Iran

Carpet of Qashqai Tribe
Specialties of Qashqai Carpets

Prominence and fame of Qashqai carpet, first of all depends on quality of its wool. This fine desirable wool is obtained from sheep grazing in mild climate and rich prairies. Thus, drastic and sudden changes of temperature make no effect upon wool and warps become not dry or light or hollow. The other factor for fame and prominence of Qashqai carpet, is quality of dyes applied in carpet weaving. They always use colors, which exhibit the fragrance and shine, even after a year and avoid synthetic aniline and unstable dyes.

Tribal original images and motives are other outstanding elements of Qashqai carpet predominance. They have exercised for years upon these designs and have inherited it from their ancestors. Other example of those motives could be seen in other handicraft, such as tile and cashmere, and also in their architecture.

Ancient patterns are the mystery of their past life:

Crane: sign of long life
Phoenix: sign of eternity
Gazelle: sign of good luck
Lion: protector and guardian of the temple
Comb: sign of cleanliness and neatness

Some designs are expression of the reflection explained many centuries before, such as paradise, a fountain in the entire desert, a great free with a bird upon,

Of other factors of fame and maintenance of carpet, are way of knotting and application of warp and weft, way of spinning and twisting, number of wales, combing and in short, weaving. They are so accurate in tying, that their woven changes not a bit of color after centuries and no wear could be observed in rug.

Qashqai carpet is not business merchandise and its artistic aspect is overwhelmed to its income prospect. Maiden girls of tribe prepare their dowry; start weaving at the early age of youth and produce many species of rug, gabbeh, kilim and jajim. They believe that their own hands should prepare their house appliance.

Qashqai Rug
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