Carpet: Iran

Carpet of Qashqai Tribe
Weaving Workshop

Carpet weaving apparatus is a simple frame, easy to open and close. It has two wooden beams, dug in the floor by four big nails at a permanent distance.

Warps are regularly drawn between two beams. To handle warps for loosening or tightening, two piece of ropes are fixed over the sides of terminal beam and in a farther distance are connected to floor by two wooden nails. They twist those ropes together with a piece of wood and by any turn, set gets tighter or looser (visa versa).

When nails were dug into the earth (floor), beams of both sides are set at its behind and thus warp winding begins. This job is done crossing, i.e. one wood moves under the next wood.

After finishing warp winding, they bundle warps alternately, or in two with strong yarns and moor them with a special wood, so that each group of warps may move easily up and down by replacing a special handle, connected to tripod.

By moving this handle, each time half warps move upward and the other half downward and it continues repeatedly. This method of replacing yarns of warp is called "Kuji-bandi".

After Kuji-bandi, weaving is started; first, they weave carpet plainly up to 5 cm, to prevent opening of knots in the course of time and owing to replacing.

Carpet weaving requires weft and pile, the same fibers, which result featuring through knotting. Carpet is woven with non-symmetric knots around two warps. In each knot, yarn moves backward over two warps and at the side. Then returns through warps forward and tightens by pulling it, i.e. they twist at the back of two warps and come up through their yarns. The other butt passes at behind of the second warp upward and warp around which the pile is not twisted in the next row comes to sequence.

After knotting all through warps, the thin weft passes at beneath and thick weft passes over the warp and they pound it with comb to tighten knots.

At the next row, by replacement of Kuji wood, warps location is changed and work goes on in turn.

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