Carpet: Iran

Carpet of Qashqai Tribe
Green Color

Green color is usually obtained of combination of various colors, such as dark blue, light blue, medium blue, together with yellow colors.

In Qashqai carpets, green is scarcely used, but in a few years, a green with hue of blue called "Rust" was woven in carpet grounds.

Jaspideous green, grassy green and white-core green was woven only in some small motives.

Green applied in Qashqai carpets since long ago, was prepared with oak shell, henna and lemon. This color has no application nowadays, because of dearness and talking time.

Some tribes produced a charming olive green out of nutshell and opoponax. This green could be seen in design of the old carpets.

Qashqai Rug
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