Carpet: Iran

Carpet of Qashqai Tribe
Correct Principles of Herbal Dyeing

Yarns appropriated to dyeing must be selected from thoroughbred sheep with finesse and softness. Yarns should be opened and free as skein, so that dye might be penetrate inside the skein.

Washing skeins, before dyeing, is necessary. Water with fewer salts, especially current water, is quite effective in stability of color.

After cleaning yarns, some experimental techniques, in quantity of dye, time of boiling, type of mordant and even utilizing four natural colors of wool: flaxen, white, black and green, each one appropriated to a special color is required.

In addition to color of wool, absorbing dyes during the boiling time depends on staying in current water, or pre-washing or post-washing.

In technical principles of dyeing, type of dye, mordant, level of washing, stabilizer materials and time of dyeing is important and negligence in application of mordant and non-observance of quantity causes non-absorbency of dye by wool.

Qashqai people, spending a lifetime in weaving and dyeing carpets, are quite familiar with natural plants of the nature, useful in dying. They are able to create combinations of colors appreciated in greatest museums of the world.

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