Carpet: Iran

Carpet of Qashqai Tribe
Dyeing, Historical Industry in the Tribe

At the start of 20th century, when synthetic dyes were used in Iranian carpets, hand woven lost their specialties. This new synthetic dye penetrated into tribal weavers and disturbed their old traditions and historical instrument of their carpets. Since those dyes were volatile and unstable, contrary to herbal and natural dyes, having its unpleasant and unsightly view and could not remain more than a few years and Qashqai carpets losing their color in the course of time, lost at the same time their foreign market.

After a while, this mistake was compensated and weavers returned to their way of weaving and abandoned dyestuff colors.

The important fact in tribal dyeing is stability, permanence and its charm, being perfect by color-scheme. Natural colors, when carefully color-schemed, may last for centuries. Some believe, that dyestuffs colors would be faded a century.

Qashqai Rug
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