Carpet: Iran

Carpet of Qashqai Tribe
How to use Spindle

Using the spindle
Spun yarns are fold. First, they connect tail of yarn to the knotted butt of the knotted of spindle and engage spindle to a hook hung at front of the tent. In 20 to 30 m distances from tent, a tripod is settled, for yarns, to be connected to it, after passing through the coil. Yarn passes easily through the coil. For faster working, they hang two spindles parallel and one worker twists both spindles simultaneously.

Disloading spindle
When the spindle gets heavy, while it turns easily, they exhausts spindle axis and spun yarns get separated from the reel bobbin of spindle, yarn which now resemble a ball.

Skeining before dyeing
To dye fibers and for monotonous dyeing of all parts of yarns, they turn spun balls as skein.

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