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Nain Rug
Nain Rug: The Most Famous

Nain rug is one of the most famous Iranian rugs, which has a high quality. Like other productive activities, quality of Nain rugs is not the same in different weaving centers. Rugs, with the highest quality, belong to regions like Baferon, Jeshogan, Toudoshak and Jandaq and rugs woven in Khor, Odib and Garmeh have lower quality.

This change of quality has different reasons, such as the nature of region (regarding the poorness and richness), Wool quality and weaving style.

Other weaving centers of Nain rug are Natanz, Joshaghan Poud, Rahimabad, Varzaneh, Hoznabad, Oshan, Badafshan, Khoshkouyeh, Sagzi and Mazraehshour.

One of the most important reasons of Nain rug's high quality is its pile dyeing. " Seyed Hadi Banitaba " is one of the most famous dyers of this region, with 30 years precedence in this job. Low variety of colors has resulted chemical dyes; to be used less in Nain rug’s comparing the other types, which makes those more valuable.

One of the factors, resulting the decline in Nain rug value, is production of other rugs in other regions, that are imitations of Nain rug's colors and images, but with a very low quality, regarding dye type, color or weaving.

Some of the reasons resulting high quality and more value in Nain rugs are:

1- Nain rug weavers’ knowledge and sufficient information about quantitative and qualitative values of this rug.
2- Relatively, high level of literacy and information of people involving this occupation.
3- Using good and high quality raw materials.
4- Artistic use of designs and images inspired by Iranian elements.
5- Particular use of dye, especially traditional dyes.
6- Proper use of tools and relatively bright workshops.
7- Accuracy and correctness of weaving and considering technical specialties.



Nain Rug

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