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Nain Rug
Nain Rug Designers

Valiollah Sharie  
He was born in 1938 and is designing since 35 years ago. His skill in designing all-over corner-medallion, palmette flower, animal forest images is accepted by every body. He also used other dyes in designs and images of Nain rug, which are:

- Sanka (Sinka, white soil) for white color.
- Pea-green earth (mineral earth) for yellow color.
- Ochre for brown color.
- Peacock indigo for greenish-blue color.

Reza Yousefpour
He was born in 1939 and is designing since 40 years ago .He is very skillful in all kinds of Isfahan images.

Hajj Seyed Jalal Amiri
An artist, who is coloring rug patterns for more than 30 years.

Other artists in carpet branch are Fathollah Habibian, Mohammad Ali Rahnian, Hossein Tahani, but generally "Fathollah Habibian" is known as the father of Nain rug. He was born in 1913 and wave his first rug, from his own pattern, while he was a student in Nain. He and his brother “Mohammad” chose carpet weaving, as their occupation. He believes that the finesse of Nain rug is due to flourish period of “Aba” weaving workshops.

Most of the woven designs in Lenjan region and other centers, like Shahin Shahr, belong to an artist named "Ali Mahmoudian". He was born in 1947 in Chougan village.


Nain Rug


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