Carpet: Iran

Nain Rug

Classification of Iranian rugs, which Nain carpet, is one them are divided in some groups.

1) regarding the wearing:
A- Rugs with full images and fine wearing with wale number 50 and more.
B- Carpets with average to good wearing with wale number less than 30.

2) regarding the usage:
A- Artistically rugs, including fine and full imaged (Pictorial rugs).
B- Ordinary rugs with average wearing and known designs.
C- Rustic, villager and tribal rugs with coarse wearing.

One of the distinctive particularities of Nain rugs is using well-known Iranian images, such as, Palmette flower, Corner-medallion, Chinese and Arabesque. These are the oldest and the most traditional Iranian designs and images,

The second particularity is dyeing of Nain rugs, which are easily distinguished from other Iranian rugs.

The most important particularity of dyeing in Nain rug, is light and matt ground and using cold colors

In a special period of time, a relative change happened in monotonous colors of Nain rug, so that common and famous designs of other regions crossed the limits of Nain rugs.

Traditional designs like, Corner-medallion, Dragon, Bird, Six medallions in red ground, Threshold, Frame and half-frame, Prayer-niche and corner by the name of " Grave " suit colors and wearing styles in Nain rugs, very well. This particularity accompanied with great wearing and dyeing quality of Nain rug.

Herat school is one of the art schools, which had a great influence on designs and images of Nain rug and are known as “Herat images”. These images are more inspired by plants like (trunks, spiral shape soft stems, bird's feather like leaves, palm leaf, flowers ...). Nain rug also contains Arabesque image.


Nain Rug

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