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Nain is one of the cities of Iran, where produces beautiful carpets and floor-coverings, which are sold all over the world.

Location: Nain is located in the foot of Zard-kouh mountain, in western margin of desert. Nain is a dependency

of Isfahan province and Nain city is its center.

Carpet wearing is the main occupation of people in Nain. Because of high quality of Nain rug, it is worn with the same designs in many parts of Iran like other dependencies of Isfahan province, such as Ardestan and Biyabanak or further regions like Tabas (Khorasan province) and Qazvin, ... but original Nain rug is generally found in Nain city. Precedence of this carpet is about one century. Regarding carpet wearing, Lenjan wearing is distinguished in Nain.

Warps and wefts of these rugs are cotton with silk pile and are mostly a mixture of silk and wool. White silk is usually used in margin, to give a relief look to carpet.

Known designs of Nain rugs are corner-medallion, all-over palmette flower. Some traditional images of Nain rug are Internal dome (ceiling), Hajkhanoumi, Tree, Tabi, Prayer-niche, All-over flower and Inscriptive, which are related to the most traditional Iranian designs. Regarding the shape, rugs are different in Nain .

Traditional images are usually used in runner, hexagon, circle and octagon rugs.


Nain Rug

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