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Central city of Khorasan with a 909 km. distance from Tehran (North-east), North to Daregaz and Ghouchan, East to Iranian border of Turkmenistan Republic and Afghanistan, South to Torbat Jam and Torbat Heydarieh and West to Neishabour.
Meshed is located in a plain between two chains of mountains, Binaloud and Hezar-Masjed, has 36 degree and 16 m. Northern wide and 59 degree 38 m. eastern length with a height of 985m sea level.
The holy city of Meshed having the shrine of 8th Imam of Shiite and crowd of pilgrims plus its special geographic position, is a center of transactions for carpet in eastern side of Iran, in which carpets of Meshed and rustic carpets, Baluch hand-woven rugs, Turkmen's carpet and rugs and even Afghani carpets go under research.
In Hazrat Reza Museum there are some precious expensive carpets, some of them, having the name of gift maker and the date of weaving are the best for recognition of Iranian carpets.

Carpet weavers of Meshed, more than 22000 usually make carpet with a size of 6 meters and up, somewhat wide and quadric-forms mostly 3x2.5 m2 in red colors, following their habit they usually pass ( two thin thread and one thick ) through the wraps. Using livestock products, such as wool and for has been prevalent since old days, therefore textile industry was a frequent profession among the public. So that Meshed may be counted one of the most prominent center of carpet weaving of Iran and world.

In private and public carpet weaving workshops, in Meshed, many beautiful designs are woven such as, medallion, flower, under-earth, Sheikh-Safi and prayer-rugs. Skillful designers being proud of introducing their profession as an art and respected job try hard for advancement of their profession, carpet weaving. They use natural herbal colors such as indigo, yellow weed, walnut skin pomegranate and chemical colors, however, color of Meshed carpets is always stable and invariable.

Carpet of Meshed is thick, resistant, hard, durable while its wool is softer than the wool of many other regions of Iran. Quality of wool is good enough to supply more than half quantity needed for local weavers.
Ordinary carpets of Meshed have less than 40 wale. Although carpet of Meshed is not as desirable as Tabriz, but due to reasonable price and durability is ideal for many families.
In villages around Meshed, there are many carpet workshops which follow the method of Meshed weavers, but they are not as desirable as Meshed's itself. Products of villages such as Torghebeh, Jaghargh, Anbaran, Zoshk and Noghand could not attract consumers as much, though they are not completely out of Meshed's quality.


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