Carpet: Iran

Khorasan  Rugs

Kashmar (Torshiz)

An important center of carpet weaving, sometime earlier all non-desirable carpets were called Kashmeri of Meshed.

Today (2000), although they use double-knot, and in spite of congestion of wraps, they offer more squeezed texture, In the result of Kashmerian weaver's quest and using the design of Khorasan carpets, inspiring from
designs of other regions and offering fine, durable and beautiful carpets.

Kashmer's carpet has gained its interior market and worthy grade in classification of Persian carpets.

Weavers in Kashmer mostly care to weave 2x3 , 2x3.5 and 3.5x4.5 size rugs and have little attention to make big size carpets.

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