Carpet: Iran

Khorasan  Rugs

City of Ghuchan

People of Ghuchan are originally a branch of Kurdish people (tribes of Khadlu and Zafaranlu).

They were decamped a few century ago from Kurdistan and North Caucasian to the North part of Meshed and resided in that city and its suburbs.

Style and design of their weaving are impressed from images and style of weaving of Caucasian and they are also under influence of Turkmen and Baluch people in carpet weaving traditions, owing to neighborhood with those people and sometimes, carpets with Turkmen design and with Caucasian margin could be seen among their products.

Sometimes, we encounter with Ghuchanian rugs having two-headed kilim texture and a wide acicular of about 50 cm, with congested texture.

Knots in Ghuchan carpets is Turkish-like wrap and weft mostly of wool, and color in dyeing fibers, mostly tend to dark-blue, brown, beige ivory or azure gray, or a shadow of red.

Dimensions of Ghuchanian carpets are 2 zar and Kallegi.

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