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City of Ghaen

Ghaen in north of Birjand, its workshops have a long precedent in carpet weaving. Moghaddassi and Arab historian at the end of 10th century has remembered the fame of prayer rugs of this mountainous land.

In old city of Ghaen, many durable, spectacular carpets are woven in the style of flower curved with Herat, paisley design and with soft fragrant wool of Torbats' sheep.

One of the specifications and distinctions of Ghaen carpet is its attractive lively colors, which are mostly extracted from natural plants and material such as saffron, cochineal, dyer's weed, madder and are applied on the carpets by the artisans who have hundred years of experience and ancestral skill.

Famous designs and main images in Ghaenat carpet: Regardless of miscellaneous designs woven in the city or hamlets of Ghaenat 3 types :

A) Tiny fish design ( simple, five text, corner and medallion )
1- Tiny fish (simple) : This design has no corner or medallion, but fish image covers all surface of carpet.
2- Five texture tiny fish : In this design, image of fish is the main factor of the ground. Having four triangle corners, create an almond-shaped ground; color of corners differ from main ground .
4- Medallion corner tiny fish (sun-like ground ): Having an almond-shaped or circular with 16 to 32 rays (called "head" in location ), has named this design "sun-ground" bouquets namely (Kalleh-Toranj or Kashkul ) on the two ends of the sun image, is a specialty of this design. The tiny fish carpets are formed of quadric-form images called "Ghoflgah". Each Ghoflgah occupies a surface of 51*51 wale. In hard-worked carpets (tiny) texture area of Ghoflgah is relatively less in comparison to coarse textured carpets.

B) Sadi quatro-design
Some carpet weavers of Ghaenat believe that first designer of the aforementioned design has been an old weaver of Mur village and this texture is called after him. All ground of this texture is full of plant, floret and zigzag lines.

These carpets generally have corners and medallions. Medallions in this texture is usually as a big sunflower or sun, having usually three medallions or samovars.

C) Aigrette
This design, in regular lines, in unique size and color has abundant application in Ghaenat. It has no corner and no medallion but all the carpet ground is covered with tiny floret and petals in regular row.

In addition to the said designs which consist original images used in villages or cities' workshops such as : horse-head, brick (four seasons), wrong, striped, seven colored, overall flower, palmette flower, Joshaghan, and slimy
Last four designs are important designs.

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