Carpet: Iran

Khorasan  Rugs


One of the best and the most genuine carpets of Khorasan is woven in a hamlet named Derakhsh, located in Southern regions of province. It's meager products in the markets of Iran and foreign countries had many admirers.

Some of its ancient carpets with genuine splendor designs are woven with through paisley design.

These twin paisleys, called by designers as "baby mother paisley", cover all of the surface of the carpet in parallel lines.

The same paisleys, side by side, like the beads of rosary get around the carpet and make the margin at four corners of the rug.

In these carpets, there's no difference between margin and ground in figures and colors, and carpet looks like a fabric.

The predominant colors in the carpet of Derakhsh are red, dark blue, green, light yellowish, green and orange.

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