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Birjand Carpet

Climatic specifications and geographical conditions have created some particularity for various parts of Khorasan, so that villages reflect their own characteristic in their products.

Birjand is one of those centers in Southern Khorasan and its villages are important carpet weavers.

Before World War II, this city had more prominence in carpet industry with many workshops; but after the World War Two, work was limited and quality declined a little, still, Birjand carpet is one of the best Khorasan weavings, with attractive figures, corner and medallion, little fish, paisley aigrette has found an international market.

Those designs, although they are made at double knots, but for hard work and fine weaving (4000 to 4200 knots in 10 cm) and because of wraps have perfect finesse and durability, but the inferior kind of Birjand carpet, woven with Payandeh wool and having less resistance than spring time wool, may be abrasion and worn out quickly.

Colors of Birjand carpets, are mostly cream or dark-blue and in the carpet ground, these two colors are most utilized colors.

Other particulars of Birjand carpet is applications of orange color in ornamental figures by paler colors than buff and light red.

Birjand and Mur weavers in most cases decorate their carpets with round 16-cornered medallions and this way, they change somehow the monotony of repeating fish images.

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