Carpet: Iran

Kerman Rug

Important Designs and Images

Important Designs and Images

Vase image and triple-weft group of Kerman rugs:

Distinct weaving of Kerman rug in Safavid era, contained un-symmetric (Persian) knot with woolen pile, which was common in Safavid urban weaving centers.

Among the other particularities of Safavid Kerman rugs, was weaving with triple-weft style.

First and third weft, from yarn, and middle weft, from silk, moved wavy into front and back surfaces of rug, through warps and and hid beneath pile's knot. Vase design is used in the ground of this group, so that triple-weft vase design was regarded as Kerman weaving style among some European researches.

One of the famous designs, which belongs to triple-weft vase design group of Kerman, is one which at the first look seems, that the ground of rug is occupied by random scattered basic images like red rose, palm leaves, tendril and separated single vases; but a more precise look shows, that ground contains three different sets of motives, which are bounded within three group of branches, making orderly networks and technically are called "Panel".

Garden and Scenery images are also used in weaving of this group, known as triple-weft vase.

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