Saljuq, Mongol, Afghan and even Safavid were not interested in Kerman and only Aqa Mohammad Khan attacked and destroyed this city, which was rebuilt after a time. Nevertheless, comparing with other important cities, Kerman was a poor city.

In past, Kerman was in the way of caravans, traveling to India, which made it very important.

Carpet weaving is very old in Kerman. The oldest carpet discovered in Kerman, belongs to about 500 years ago, which proves the precedence of weaving in this city.

According to historical documents, this famous rug has been exported to India, in Akbar Gourkani Emperor period (17th century).

In 1604 A.D., a Portuguese tourist, called "Pedro Teshira", has classified Kerman rugs as the second grade carpet and said, "Yazd rugs have the best images, finest weaving and are the most precious ones, while third grade valuable rugs are woven in Khorasan".

Jean Chardin, a French jeweler and tourist, who has stayed in Iran for a while, in the last quarter of 17th century A.D., has mentioned to the export of Kerman rugs to India. He has also noticed, that rugs known as Turkish in European markets, have been woven generally in Kerman and more in Systan, but were entered into Europe via Turkey.

The most magnificent Kerman rugs belonged to "Prince Roman Sangoshko", which are known by the same name throughout the world and are masterpieces of carpet weaving in Safavid era.

Carpet weaving has been very common in Kerman, from long times ago, so that name of Kerman has been always reminder of carpet weaving . Kerman rug is so famous, that even in Persian literature symbolizes resistant, stable and strong people.

Other industries of Kerman are textile, wool beating, spinning, wood, cashmere and Warsaw, but it is worth to notice, that carpet weaving is their main occupation.

In decades of 1920 and 1930, American were organizing carpet weaving in Kerman, so that in 1935 about 90% of Kerman woven were exported to United States of America. After that local merchants took the market and when World War II finished, Kerman rug export continued.

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