Carpet: Iran

Kashan Rug


In the past few years, most rugs were woven of merino wool, but today its use is limited,  because of its high price. 
Wool, which are used in Kashan workshops, are provided by limited foreign sources, as well as Khorasan, Azerbaijan, Kermanshah and Tehran.

Kashan rug is woven in double-weft and "Senneh" knots. Knots are 1600 to 8000 numbers per square decimeters.

Former dyers of Kashan used madder and purple shell to dye fibers red, which provided special brightness. Today, most dyes used in dye-houses are fast chemicals and mostly are crimson, blue, dark blue, turquoise, dull beige, cream, grayish green, brown and greenish yellow in color.

Kashan rugs are mostly 11/2 zar, 2 zar, 6 Sq. m. and up. Weavers are not interested in weaving curtain size, head stall and runners.

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