Carpet: Iran

Kashan Rug


In consideration of History of Kashan rug, one would found that durability of this profession links to ancient times and in spite of economic crisis, it is remained.

Decorative designs, like other traditional Iranian carpets, have a large medallion in center and corners in margins. The central design consist of several homocentric medallions. This star like image (like a snow flake) is surrounded by corners. Arabesque and Chinese images that decorate ground with corners, make it vivid.

Corner-Medallion Palmette Flower and Isfahan images, as well as flower and paisley images of Sarough carpets with red ground, were the designs of Kashan old rugs, for a long time. A large flower with Chinese leaves was common in blue ground. These flowers with curved lines and inspiration of Herat old designs, were known as "Mostowfi Flower" image.

Old Kashan rugs had margins with 4 to 6 secondary parts, as well as one monochrome margin. Secondary margins consists of small flowers beside one another among a saw-tooth design, known as "Madkhal".

Red and blue were two "Hatami" colors, that darkened the ground of rug, generally and  particularly in Prayer-rug image and create this composition.

Colors which are used in drawing are four types and have special word in local dialect. Some of those are:

1- Cream
2- Melai (Yellowish orange composed of mixing 1/2 cup of yellow dye and 4 drops of 
dark blue dye. It is known as "Sekai".
3- Portrait (light pink).

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