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Nowadays, it has to be said, that Kashan weavers are inheritance of textures, braid, velvet with satin weaving, gold textures and taffeta weavers, that made Iran well-known, even in farthest parts of the world as "Hormozian Textures".

Today, Kashan, with great weaving of rugs, is honor of museums and private collections, and has a great role in recreation of art in Iran. It must be reminded ,that senior carpet weaver of Kashan, known as "Sheikh Safi", was "Maghsoud Kashani".

Historical problems, damage of industrial development, bringing of weaving machines to  villages, as well as appearance of different European machine-made texture and clothes, and irrelevant entrance, cause damages to Kashan. Only villages who had sufficient experience in carpet weaving, and also ready to accept it as a basis of living, had a great role in this field.

Continuous droughts in Kashan, cause such a development in weaving, that only 1/8 of all the villages of this region doesn't have any association with this profession; these villages were in the low-populated or deserted areas. This includes many inhabitants directly or indirectly to various relevant jobs, such as cotton-beating, spinning, warp winding, drawing and dealing. 

Kashan rug weaving regions include Kashan, Natanz, and Jushaghan and spread to some parts of Golpayegan, Mahallat, Ardestan and Isfahan. 

It seems that carpet weaving in Kashan came back to Safavid Era. Gold Textures and  precious rugs which were woven in that period, are masterpieces of dyeing and weaving. 
At that time, Kashan rug weaving raised to the highest point and artists wove precious  specimen and memorials, that today some of those are sought numerous enthusiasts in great museums of the world.

Unfortunately, after that period, texture and weaving, in this region stood still and dissipated like other parts of the country.

Reestablishment of rug weaving in this town owes to the efforts of "Hajj Hassan", "Hajj Mohammad Jafar Isfahanian" and "Hossein Kashi". Establishing machine weaving units, persuade many weavers to weave rugs as well.

"Mohtasham" is another well-known designer of Kashan, who presented splendid initiatives  and attractive designs in contemporary period of Kashan rug. He put Kashan carpets to the highest point of beauty. One who his well-known designs, which was woven about 75 years ago, is an whole silk 11/2 Zar(159x108 cm.) rug. There is no need to praise fine weaving, equivalent colors and most of all elegant designs of this rug.

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