Carpet: Iran

Kashan Rug

Design and Designers

They mostly weave flower designs with curved lines concluded Palmette Flower,  Corner-Medallion, All-over Palmette flower, Overall Vase, Mosque Lamp, Tree design in ground of Prayer niche, Indian Joshaghan, Hajj Khanomi Vase, Garden Scenery and Palmette flower images.

Palmette flower is mostly woven in warm color ground. This kind of rug, which is most wanted in domestic markets, doesn't have good market in foreign countries.

Traditional Corner-Medallion design of Kashan is a fine extended dark blue medallion in a crimson ground, that is repeated in corners and margins, or vice versa, medallion in crimson in a dark blue ground. This design is woven in some weaving centers of Iran such as Kashmar, Yazd, Ardestan, and also in Egypt.

Well-known self employed weavers and designers of Kashan are:

Arbabi Tafazoli
Dabir Sanaye

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