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Workshops in the City of Hamadan

Hamadan Rug
Workshops in the City of Hamadan

In these workshops men and women-labors work together. Famous workshops and factories in Hamadan are:

1- Sheikh Taghi Vakilolroaya workshop (member of parliament in the first and second Assembly) : These carpets are mostly antique and very high priced.
2-Yussef Zanjani workshop
In Dyeing Caravansary, produced high quality rugs. Yussef carpets were famous, all products of this workshop were purchased by Christian and Jewish merchants and these carpets were sold as products of Qazvin.
3- Many workshops in Bonbazar Quarter, having famous carpets exported to USA. Those workshops are named as follows : Khan Ahmadi-Irvani, Akhavan Rahmani, Hajj Abolghassem Ronassi, Mirza Agha Keshavarz and Mahmoud Arshadi.

4- Nobari workshop
5- Hamadan Craft Company, established about 1920 in Hamadan by investment of bank Shah of England. It has produced large and high quality carpets for internal and external markets.
6- Hajj Rahim Saffari's workshop having more than 100 weaving loom, was active for producing fine woven and market-admiring carpets until 1930;closed at present.
7- Hajji Taghi Araghchi's workshop: It's carpets had a worthy perfection in this area.
8- Hajj Yussef Ekrami's workshop was weaving good carpets during half a century; closed at present.
9- Heydar Jamshidabadi's workshop in caravansaries of Hajji Reza Sibi, Nazarbeig and another one in Ironsmith's market was producing fine and market-admiring carpets, utilizing Tabriz' wool for about half a century.

10- Hajj Assadollah Rezvanijou's workshop: It's large carpets had a worthy fame specially for fish designed carpets.
11- Hajj Einollah & Hal Assadollah Fathi's workshop in Gandomiha market, used to weave carpets for half a century.
12- Ilkhani Bros' workshop
13- Two Christian's workshop ( Suren & Nobar ) professions connected with carpet industry in flourishing period.

This profession was prevalence in dyer's Caravansary, Heroe's bridge and Gandomiha workshop and Sareh Gozar, now they are partly closed.

Wool beating was rendered in two workshops: Hajj Rahim Ghaffari & Haj Ebrahim Baratian .
Wool spinning: In the factory at Gandomiha passage.
Wool washing : In two factories : Backside of Shushtariha Caravansary and Bakhtiaries Quarter wool washing factory, also in the aqueducts and at the rivers.

Silk selling : Many shops in market passages.

Planning : Mostly in dyer's Caravansary and a few in passages. The most famous draftsman of carpet in Hamadan Mirza Shahab, also Mirza Reza, Mirza Karim, Mirza Eshagh, Hajj Ahmad Sanaei and Shakhessi, all working in dyer's Caravansary.
Carpet weaving : The most celebrated weaver in Hamadan has been Mirza Bagher Tabrizi, skillful in weaving any kind of carpet, left some octagonal carpets after himself and Khan Ahmadi, practiced weaving double-faced carpets in 2 zar dimension for the first time in Hamadan.

Carpet selling and second hand stores :The most important place for carpet seller's was Hajj Mohammad Bagher's Sara, Mirza Kazem's Sara, Custom's Sara, Dyer's Sara, Gheysarieh Passage and Semsarha passage.

Spinning :The most famous workshop in this field were in Hosseinkhani passage, beside of Shirvani mosque and in Aghajanibeik quarter. There were also two other workshops, one in Hamam Ghale' alley, the other in Morad bridgehead.



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