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Hamadan Rug

Differences of weaving regions
Hamadan has three style of carpet weaving .
First urban weaving, may be seen mostly in Hamadan and sometimes in Malayer. Carpet
weaving in this region has a better organized and more advanced administration, owing to
centralization of market and big merchants of the cities.
Secondly in suburbs of Malayer: Mehrban and Famenin connected respectively to carpet
weaving of Arak (Sarough), Bijar and in some extend to silk weaving of Qom. Carpets have a rather desirable texture and color in addition to having a native identity, an accurate plan and supervised weaving.
Thirdly, there are carpets in the rich expanded miscellaneous field of rustic-tribal regions,  usually woven at unique-plan and by memory. They have a limited coloring, thick and lump texture, mostly unit-weft.
There is some standard of texture finesse, handwork images, good dimensions and various features in urban carpets, but less privileges in rustic carpets have their own special
particularities as follows :

A) Rustic Carpets :
1- Leaning on imaginary designs (usually unique-image )
2- Limited colors ( mostly natural and local colors )
3- Utilizing local-native and coarse wool.
4- A chest to chest traditional training.
5- Small sizes and dimensions, sometimes variable according to private need and local market.
6- Utilizing uni-weft or thick-wefts.
7- Gross wale counting maximum up to 25 knots in measuring unit of knot (200 knots in 1/4
zar in local standard)
8- Little polishing and long pile causing heaviness and thickness of carpet.

B) Urban Carpets
1- Utilizing are pre-designed images
2- Utilizing numerous colors, mostly workshop colors and high materials
3- Standard sizes and dimensions
4- Benefiting a training
5- Slightly supervised in texture
6- Fine wale counting, almost higher than 50 knots in knot -unit ( 200 knots in 1/4 zar in local unit )
7- More polishing and shortening the knot, consequently, lightness of carpet
8- Financial support, though limitedly
9- Having a rather secure market



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