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Hamadan Rug

General specialty and specifications of various tribes, residing in Hamadan
Hamadan, in the west of Iran, has an area of 1.2% of the total area of Iran. Variety of
nationalities and combination of races is quite realized in this land, this nonchalance
connection is considered, more than anything in productions and crafts of this region, i.e. the soul and special culture belong to all villages and regions in which tribes and nationalities are residing. For instance, design, texture and dyeing of carpets could be felt in those regions.

Hamadan and its crafts
Almost 85% of crafts appropriate to carpet industry, which is the highest rank after
crockery. Other crafts and weaving arts have an old precedent in Hamadan which is still in a scattered samples, such as cotton-rug weaving, straw weaving, loosely weaving and shawl weaving.

Carpet of Hamadan; General specialty; History of carpet texture
Hamadan is a mountainous, rather cold region. As a natural motive of climate, dwellers of those cold hamlets are concerned with the crafts and carpet weaving in the long cold
winters. At the other hand, variety of images and designs of carpet in this region is a reason that results expansion of this business in many years before this time or an organized programming is supposed. There are information about Shah-Tahmasb's interest in this
art, saying that he himself prepared some designs for carpet. He received a letter from Sultan Soleyman of Turkey requesting to get carpets for Soleymanieh Mosque. Carpets were woven and sent. It is said that there were some silk carpets among those things. Physician of Ghajar Court in 1850 in his travel account says that Kurds and Hamadan tent dwellers produce some second class carpets.

They know how to increase the beauty of carpet by using brown color in the carpet ground which is woven from camel wool.
Collection of these carpets belong to the years when no foreign company was established in Iran, around 1874 AD. British Consul in Tabriz comments: During the two past years, demand for Persian Carpet is highly increased and the export is twice more than before.

In the same times, British companies took advantages of opportunity and started to invest
and erect big workshops for carpet weaving in some districts of Hamadan and Malayer; So that Hamadan market became an adequate passage for offering and exporting carpets, such as: Sarough, Jowzan, Mehrban and Anjelas.

Today, carpet weaving all through the land of Hamadan shows a professional expansion in
connection to the central province and towards. Carpet weaving centers of Ghorveh, Bijar in
Kurdistan and due to variety of images and coloring is a valuable asset in production of Persian Carpets.
In Hamadan, carpet is a basic, expanding profession that some fifty percent of rustic families
are participated in it .



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