Carpet: Iran

Carpet in the City of Hamadan

Hamadan Rug
Precedent and record

In this part, carpet weaving had a flourishing circulation and dyeing products in numerous vast workshops could supply requirements of the region. To-day those workshops have turned into abandoned places; also shopping centers of thread could supply needs of thread in silk sellers market.

The main center of carpet-trading of Hamadan was in the West. Majority of carpets woven in central province were exported to Iraq, Arabian Sheikhdoms and Europe through Hamadan and Western Road.

Foreign companies, all through 1880 and the period of the First World War have had a very expanded activity in carpet trading in cities like Kerman, Arak and Tabriz, as well as Hamadan. This business in those years was in the hand of British, American and Jewish merchants of Hamadan. After The First World War many foreign companies were deprived from activity and Iranian merchants could enter into this business, after nationalization
of carpet industry to some extent .

After immigration of famous carpet weavers from Tabriz and Zanjan to Hamadan, carpet business progressed and urban workshops gained enough capital and necessary supervision, utilizing ready to use colors and designs. Some designs in this region are as follows:

peacock tail-hunting, palmette flower, overall flower design, corner-medallion design, arabesque, garland, curtain-band, milky-design, prayer-inch, tiny-paisley, dragon mouth, corner-medallion, composed vase, fish, angelas, mehrban, ...



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